Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Friendship High School or West Apex High School?

If you agree the new western Apex high school should be named "Friendship High School" let it be known...

New Apex school complex in Friendship community
southwest of Apex
Friendship community has always been known as "Friendship" in southern Wake County just north of New Hill, but it was not in Apex. Yes, it is part of the greater Apex area, but it has traditionally been known only as Friendship. The name is special, as noted in an article in the March, 2013, edition of Southwest Wake News.

Friendship existed before the Civil War and before the Town of Apex became Apex (The town was incorporated in 1873). As the Southwest Wake News article cites from history books, the name Friendship was chosen by community members (Whites, Blacks and American Indians) that wanted a name that could represent all people in that part of the county and give the community its own identity.

When Wake County was planning the new school in 2011, the Apex Town Manager thought the name West Apex High School might be the most suitable name from several being considered. The name was discussed with the Town Council and from there it became associated with the school. At the time, this was thought to be a name that would designate where the school is located and associate it with Apex.

The other side of this issue is that there is already an Apex High School, the names would be similar, and it will likely be a source of confusion in the future and not allow the new school to have its own clear identity. Giving it a name based on its location and the community will give the new school its own clear identity.

Residents of the Friendship community have launched a campaign to get the new school's name changed to Friendship High School to reflect the area's heritage and create a unique recognition of the new location. In early March some 350 people had signed the petition to have this change made.

Your opinion will help in this effort. Click to send an email with your comments to the Apex Town Council ( and tell them you want the school named Friendship High School.

Read more about the petition and the community...

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