Saturday, February 28, 2009

Old store, new store brings out customers in downtown Apex

An old downtown Apex store caught the eye of then new resident Steve Adams in 2005 and the Historic Downtown District gained a stronghold that brings a constant flow of frequent customers to the street. A local news article "Old Apex store has new use" published in August, 2005, tells much of how the old store became a new store. 

The upscale restaurant at 126 North Salem Street, owned by town residents Steve & Julie Adams, is located in a restored old building built by Apex's Seymore family in 1905. A brick in one of the structure's walls is stamped with the date "May 8, 1905" and is from those made on site during the original construction. The building has served as a hardware store, general store, feed and mill store and mules were once sold in what is now the parking lot. Read more about the historic building...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stacy's crocus blossoms

Spring is coming!

February crocus blossoms on Olive Street signal that spring is just around the corner. Warm days are on the way... 
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