Friday, March 20, 2009

NC Historic Sites

The Apex area is surrounded by places to go offering ways to learn about local history. Check out the NC Historic Sites website and discover regional places to visit and learn more about the state and our history. Most are an easy day trip from Apex.

Each location includes a list of events unique to that area. Click the link shown with the description of any location, then click on "special events" to learn more about activities you can participate in. There's also a Calendar of Events listing activities all around the region.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sad day for Apex kids

Declining economic woes have brought hard times to Apex kids. At least in the eyes of Bruce Radford, Apex Town Manager, and John Brown, Parks, Recreation and cultural Resources Manager.

A March 14 news item in area papers says the Town of Apex won't hold the annual Easter event this year, alledgedly due to declining Town revenues.

Too bad the Town staff doesn't make the effort just for the kids sake and give up a little extra overtime pay this time around. It would only require getting a supply of pre-wrapped candy eggs (has anyone tried to get these be donated?), reserving the Community Center grounds and holding the event with staff volunteers or even a few parents.

Its ok to spend millions to build a new police station and a new fire station during hard times, and to put all those spiffy new parking spaces by the road in front of the Town offices. But the kids, they can make up the difference...

In local news:
News and Observer
March 14, 2009
Sarah Lindenfeld, Staff Writer
The bunny trail skips Apex this year
APEX - Even the Easter Bunny's out of work this year.

Budget cuts have forced Apex to cancel its annual egg hunt, where youngsters make a mad dash for hundreds of brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy.

"The Easter Bunny just couldn't afford air fare this time," said Bruce Radford, town manager. "That's what it boiled down to. He called us and said he regrets it, but he just wouldn't be able to come."

In reality, the town's $750,000 general fund shortfall forced officials to cancel the hunt, among other cuts. The town expects less money from sales taxes and the fees developers pay as they build houses.

An egg hunt for the town's senior citizens also was canceled because the event's sponsor backed out, said John Brown, the town's parks, recreation and cultural resources director. "That's another casualty of the economy," he said.

As Brown looks to save money, he said he aims to keep programs that generate revenue. The egg hunt for kids, which cost the town about $3,000, was free. A youth fishing derby and basketball contest also were canceled. All were mainstays of Apex's events calendar for kids.

Brown said many churches and subdivisions in Apex already hold their own egg hunts. And most other Triangle towns and communities are planning them, too.

Radford said once the economy improves, the town hunt will return.

The Bunny, Radford pledged, will be back.
In state news...
Asheville Citizen-Times
March 14, 2009
Associated Press

Budget woes hit Easter: Egg hunt out in NC town

APEX — No need to get the kids hopping this Easter in Apex. The North Carolina town is canceling its annual Easter egg hunt because of budget problems.

Town Manager Bruce Radford told The News & Observer of Raleigh that declining sales tax revenue and fees from developers have left a $750,000 hole Apex's budget.

Radford says he hopes to bring the egg hunt back next year if conditions improve.

If any kids ask, Radford isn't using the budget line. Instead, he says the Easter Bunny just couldn't afford the flight down.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stacy's crocus blossoms II

Spring is here!

March brings more crocus blossoms as Spring moves in. Days are longer and flowers signal the time is right to get outdoors... Posted by Picasa

Are we dry yet?

Check the current drought status at the U.S. Drought Monitor service. Click on the state you want to see regional information, then click on the state to see local data. View information for the NC region or the state
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