Friday, September 20, 2013

Save a house, save a part of the history of Apex...

Save a house, save a part of the history of Apex...

Historic Cash Home in Downtown Apex NC
The Apex Baptist Church has decided that having a few more parking spaces is more important that saving a historic home located at 112 S Salem Street in Apex. The home in these photos is the 1910 Cash House located next door to the church building. It is one of the oldest homes in the Town of Apex and was built in the very early years of the town.

The church Deacons say that additional parking spaces are much more important now than continuing to have the historic home available for Church activities or to remain a part of Historic Downtown Apex. The Deacon group also refuses to listen to the many community and church members that want the home kept for the church and community. Since the home was sold to the church in 1985, it has been used for classroom space and other church activities and outreach ministries. As of this writing a decision has been made to destroy the home and a demolition permit has already been obtained from Town of Apex.

1910 Cash Home in Historic Downtown Apex
If you want a historic home to restore, or have a friend or acquaintance that might, please call the church as soon as possible and ask if they will give or sell it to you and wait to allow you time to have it moved. The word on the street is that they have tried to find someone that would move the house but have failed to do so and say they do not have a place to move it to or can afford to do so.

The town is widely known for its "small town look and feel" and has been named one of the best places to live in 2013. One of numerous features of the town is having a number of preserved historical homes, many of which are on the Apex Historical Society annual home tour in each December. Seems like the new, younger Deacons in the church do not have the same values the town is known for and are willing to tear down this home that has been part of the Historic Downtown Apex district since 1910.

Even if you do not have a place to have the home moved to, demand that the church keep the church until a new owner can be found and it can be moved to a new site.

Call the church today (919-362-6176) and ask them to save the home and keep it protected and preserved for all of Apex. Tell the church and Deacons that the home is a part of the culture of the town and must be preserved for future generations.
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