Friday, July 31, 2009

Road trip - Two Frogs on a Bike !

Looking for a fun trip for good food and antiques?

Take a drive to Hanover, Virginia, and check out the ancient little country store at the intersection of Patrick Henry Road and US 301 in the heart of Hanover Courthouse in Hanover County, Virginia. The old store goes by the name "Two Frogs on a Bike" and is truly a glimpse back into a time from the past. The old store was a roadside country store and is now a destination for those that travel around looking for antiques and items for decorating the home. Not open at night.

Across the street is one of the best dining spots in Virginia - Houndstooth Cafe. Go early to avoid the regular crowd and the one hour wait, and be prepared to savor some of the best food around.

Menu choices range from traditional pulled pork or beef barbecue to a variety of Chesapeake Bay seafood items brought in fresh daily. Top it off with a slice of one of several home-made specialty cheesecakes or truffle desserts made by the owner. Dinner will run around $40 for two.

Way up high in Apex

Had any power interruptions lately?

Maybe you need the services of this Apex Utilities Department team.

The Apex Utilities Department folks go the extra mile to insure electric power is not interrupted by trees touching power lines during foul weather.

This crew member was high above the lines along Center Street in late July trimming limbs that would brush against power lines during storms and when ice accumulates during the winter.

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