Sunday, July 6, 2008

Town of Apex administration down on young art

In its usual knee-jerk reaction to anything not explicitly approved by the Town of Apex, the Town's sign enforcer quickly removed a lovely art display recently placed on a utility pole across from the Town Hall and Community Center at the corner of Mason Street and Old Raleigh Road in June, 2008.

This cheerful little gallery of creature drawings was added to the pole over a short period in early June and suddenly disappeared the day after this photo was made. Unfortunately the town's effort signals that the staff doesn't support artist efforts to be creative and add a little color to the local landscape.

The local sign ordinance was meant to prevent signs and posters from littering the roadways but enforcement is sometimes carried too far when signs or displays that mean no harm are ripped down as soon as they are placed due to strict interpretation of the rules. There are legitimate circumstances when local organizations want to tell of barbecue fund raisers, yard sales or other similar events that need community participation to be successful.

Residents generally post signs on utility poles for weekend yard sales to attract potential buyers but soon experience the wrath of the Town's "sign czar". If the Town staff member sees posters along local streets the signs are immediately removed to enforce the strict intent and interpretation of the sign ordinance. This in turn prevents the yard sale host from simple and reasonable advertising that would legitimately provide them with more customers and income.

Town rules on signs may be seen on the Town's website section on ordinances under Sec.8.7.1 /Permitted Signs: Location, Size, and Number. The town's "sign permit form" allows you to apply for and pay a fee to post signs for a variety of purposes. The Town position requires that a citizen or organization purchase a sign permit in order to place even the simplest of signs anywhere around town. Perhaps this should be tempered a bit to allow citizens to post simple yard sale signs for a few days or otherwise advertise personal activities without the requirement of a sign permit. Contact your Town Council representatives if you think the ordinance needs to be revisited.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Update on Bumpy Rides in Apex

It seems the NC DOT may have finally gotten enough complaints about the north Salem Street area in Apex that they may have decided to fix it. But not until 2009. Good news for Apex residents and visitors driving or biking on north Salem Street between Hunter Street and Highway 64.

earlier report about the rough and dangerous section the street indicated that the Town Manager and Town Council Members have not made any effort to effect repairs on this main entry to the town because the local philosophy is that "its not our road and we aren't responsible for maintaining it" reflecting a general attitude by Town employees, no doubt a top-down management problem, of not taking full responsibility for issues within town limits...

June 23, 2008
Jaclyn Asztalos, Cary - Apex Reporter

DOT To Make Improvements To Apex Roadway

APEX, N.C. – Apex will see some road improvements in the next year.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation will be repaving and beautifying North Salem Street from Hunter Street to Highway 64 next spring.

Jim Stella with the Chamber of Commerce said that the road is the main entrance to downtown but is currently a dangerous roadway.

Stella said people swerve to avoid divots and bumps which could be life threatening for the many walkers and bikers in their path.

The road could also give people coming to town the wrong impression.

“Folks might get the impression that all the roads are like that in Apex and might not want to move here or do business here. If they can get it paved, do a nice job and enhance with flowers it will be a good gateway into the town,” Stella said.

Steve Halsey with the N.C. DOT said the project will cost over $120,000. He said the project will be completed by next summer.
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