Saturday, June 4, 2011

Open mike reveals a lot about Stam

Stam is all smiles as he takes
away rights from NC citizens
A critical comment about Governor Perdue by Paul Stam reveals a lot about his character and whether he should represent Apex and NC. While in a closed budget meeting, but with an open microphone, Stam commented and others in the Legislature and Press heard about his view of the Governor after she issued an executive order to restore Federally based unemployment benefits to some 37,000 citizens...

His comment was reflected in a News and Observer story about the gaffe - "Either way, she's incompetent," he said. "We really need to crack on her for this. This is probably one of the worst things she's done."
He made this comment while on the job representing citizens of this area on June 3, 2011. He was in a Republican caucus discussing how to proceed with a budget the Republicans are forcing onto the citizens of NC that will severely damage the education process in the state.

Perhaps it is time to remove him from office since he clearly has no respect for others in the political process and is known to make condescending comments about state citizens. Read more...

This is not the first time Stam has been observed trashing politicians he serves with to further his narrow agenda. His methods often include making extreme comments about those he disagrees with to create maximum conflict in the press.

Stam also recently made an insulting comment about the State's new American Idol winner. When Scotty Macreery was  in the final stages of the Idol competition, Stam made a derogatory statement to a representative that had commented about Scotty's outstanding performance. Stam asked "is he a Terrier?" demonstrating how out of touch he is with the community he is supposed to be representing.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're still posting. I hope you plan to cover the 2011 town council race. The next council is going to make decisions that will fundementally change our town.

Carolina Bits said...

Seems like the Town Council is already making decisions that have a great impact on our town. Recent plans and decisions about Veridea will have a major impact on the Town and its future. Things like letting the developer have a basically free hand, allowing streets that are too narrow to park on and could be unsafe when emergency vehicles drive through, etc. And will Veridea be allowed to proceed and leave Apex with yet another great expanse of stripped land and unfinished, undeveloped housing like Villages of Apex turned out to be? And where are the nice little shops that were planned/promised for Villages of Apex, etc?

And will the Mayor be allowed to continue in his conflict of interest in Paul Stam's little band of men? There are lots of issues relating to the Town Council and its makeup...

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